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Pest Control Selangor and Klang Valley

Pests are a big problem in Selangor and Klang Valley as they cause damage to crops and property. Various methods can be used to control pests, but the most effective methods depend on the type of pest infestation. For example, small infestations of common pests such as mice and cockroaches can often be controlled with baits and traps. Larger infestations may require the use of insecticides. Our pest control in Selangor and Klang Valley typically provides various services, from baiting and trapping to spraying operations. We also advise on how to prevent the pest from reappearing in the future. In short, pest control is significant in keeping Selangor and Klang Valley safe and clean.

pest control selangor and klang valley

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Areas We Provide Pest Control
Selangor and Klang Valley Services

selangor and klang valley pest control
Pest infestation is a pressing issue in Selangor and Klang Valley. This is why Pesco Pest Control provides comprehensive pest control services to homes and businesses in Selangor and Klang Valley. Our professional and experienced team will create a customized pest control plan that is effective and safe for your home or business. We use state-of-the-art equipment and the latest techniques to get rid of pests quickly and efficiently. Our pest control services are available in major areas of Selangor, including:

Pest Control Klang Valley

Pesco Pest Control is dedicated to providing our clients in Klang Valley with the highest level of service possible, and our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help resolve any pest problems that may arise.

Pest Control Bangi

In Bangi, there is a strong need for our pest control services. This is due to the many instances of pests causing damage to crops and property. Our services work to remove these pests from the area and prevent them from causing further damage.

Pest Control Cyberjaya

In Cyberjaya, pest control is a widespread problem. Many people have to deal with pests in their homes, businesses, and other properties. Pesco Pest Control provides services to help get rid of these pests.

Pest Control Gombak

Are you troubled by pesky pests in Gombak? If so, Pesco Pest Control is here to help! We are experts in getting rid of all sorts of unwanted critters, from rats and mice to cockroaches and ants.

Pest Control Kajang

We provide effective and professional pest control services in Kajang. We have a team of experienced and certified professionals who are dedicated to overcoming our clients' pest control problems with a professional pest control service. 

Pest Control Klang

Our pest control services are designed to target common pests in Klang, such as cockroaches, ants, and rats. We use a variety of methods to control these pests, including baiting, traps, and chemicals. 

Pest Control Petaling Jaya

We provide Petaling Jaya with the latest and most effective pest control solutions. We have a team of highly trained and experienced professionals who are experts in identifying and eradicating all types of pests.

Pest Control Puchong

At Pesco Pest Control, we provide a wide range of pest control services to homes and businesses in Puchong. Whether you're dealing with ants, roaches, rats, or any other type of pest, we can help. 

Pest Control Rawang

Are you tired of dealing with pests? Are you looking for a reliable pest control company in Rawang? Look no further than Pesco Pest Control. We provide effective and affordable pest control services to residential and commercial customers. 

Pest Control Semenyih

Pesco Pest Control is your reliable and affordable solution for all of your pest control needs in Semenyih. We have a wide range of services that are designed to meet your specific needs.

Pest Control Sepang

Looking for pest control in Sepang? Look no further than our trusted experts at Pesco Pest Control. We'll get rid of any pesky pests quickly and efficiently, so you can rest easy knowing your home is pest-free.

Pest Control Seri Kembangan

For residents of Seri Kembangan, keeping their homes free of pests is a top priority. Pesco Pest Control is a local company that specializes in providing expert pest control services. 

Pest Control Shah Alam

We provide effective pest control services to homes and businesses in Shah Alam, Selangor and the surrounding areas. Our experienced exterminators will work diligently to rid your property of unwanted pests.

Pest Control Subang Jaya

If you live in Subang Jaya and are looking for a pest control company, look no further than Pesco Pest Control. We offer a wide range of services to meet your needs, including insect and rodent control, termite treatment, and bed bug removal.

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Our Pest Control Services in Selangor and Klang Valley

Have you ever noticed mysterious bugs around your home and wondered what they were? Here are some common pest control services we provide in Selangor and Klang Valley.
ants control


In Selangor, ants are a common pest. They often invade homes and businesses, looking for food. If left unchecked, they can quickly become a nuisance.

Cockroaches control


Cockroaches are a common pest in Klang Valley. They often invade homes and businesses, looking for food and shelter.

Flies control


Flies annoy both people and livestock. They are one of the common pest problems in stables and other areas where livestock are kept. In Selangor, Malaysia, flies are major pests in rural and urban areas.
Mosquitoes control


One of the peskiest insects in Klang Valley is the mosquito. They're not just a nuisance, however, these bloodsuckers can also transmit certain diseases.

Rodents control


Rodents are a pest in Selangor. Their numbers have exploded in recent years, and they're wreaking havoc on crops and property.

termites control


Termite infestations are a prevalent issue in Selangor and Klang Valley. These pesky insects can cause significant damage to homes and buildings if left unchecked.


Why You Need Pesco's
Pest Control Selangor and Klang Valley

There are numerous advantages to utilizing our pest control services for your home or office in Penang. Here are some of the key benefits:


Pests such as termites, ants, cockroaches, rodents, and bed bugs can carry harmful bacteria and diseases that pose risks to human health. By employing professional pest control services, property owners can ensure the effective removal of pests and the implementation of preventative measures to minimize the risk of infestations.

Improved Mental Well-Being

Bed bug bites can cause physical discomfort and itching, while mosquitoes can transmit diseases and cause irritation. These disturbances in sleep can lead to anxiety, depression, and stress, ultimately affecting the quality of life. By ensuring a clean and pest-free environment, you can enjoy uninterrupted sleep, reducing the risk of developing anxiety and depression.

Peace of

Living or working in a pest-free environment reduces stress levels and promotes productivity. By implementing preventative measures and conducting routine inspections, pest control services can help identify issues before they escalate. This keeps you safe from pests and the potential health hazards associated with infestations.

Preservation of Property

Pests such as termites, carpenter ants, and rodents can cause significant damage to structures, furniture, and belongings. These damages can lead to costly repairs and replacements, ultimately affecting the property value. Regular pest control treatments can help prevent such damage, saving you from costly repairs and replacements.

Protection Against Health Risks

Mosquitoes are known to spread diseases like malaria, dengue fever, and the Zika virus, while rats can carry bacteria such as salmonella and leptospirosis. Effective pest control measures help reduce the risk of illnesses caused by pests, ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals.

Protection of Natural Ecosystems

Invasive pests can have a devastating impact on natural ecosystems, disrupting the balance of the food chain and causing damage to plant life. These pests outcompete native species for resources, leading to population declines and even extinction. By controlling invasive pests, we can protect natural ecosystems and promote biodiversity.

Pesco Pest Control

Choose Pest Control Selangor and Klang Valley from Pesco

Choosing among the plethora of pest control companies in Selangor and Klang Valley can be a difficult task. However, we have confidence in our ability to provide an exceptional pest control service. Here are a few reasons why we believe we can stand out:

Latest Australia Technology

By utilizing the latest technology available in Australia, we can deliver more effective and efficient pest control services while minimizing the impact on the environment.

Up to 8 Years Warranty

Our up to 8 years of warranty is a testament to our confidence in our treatments. In the unlikely event that pests return after our treatment, we will return to your property and re-treat the affected areas at no additional cost.

Non-Toxic Materials

Our team carefully selects our pest control products based on their safety profile and effectiveness in controlling pests. By prioritizing non-toxic materials, we can minimize the risk of exposure to harmful chemicals for our clients and their families.

Proven Effective for More than 10,000 Houses

We have provided pest control services to more than 10,000 households in Selangor and Klang Valley. Our clients consistently report positive results and are very satisfied with the treatments we provide.

Specialists with More than 10 Years Experience

Our team consisted of experts with over 10 years of experience in the pest control industry. Each member has undergone extensive training and has developed an in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies and products used in pest control.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

If our clients are not satisfied with the results of our pest control treatment, we will refund their entire payment. This guarantee demonstrates our commitment to providing effective and reliable pest control services that meet the needs of our clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About
Pest Control Selangor and Klang Valley

What is pest control?

Pest control refers to the regulation or management of pests, which are organisms that can negatively impact human activities. Pests include insects, rodents, birds, and other animals that can cause harm to crops, livestock, and structures and transmit diseases to humans. Pest control techniques range from preventive measures, such as sanitation and exclusion, to physical removal and the use of chemical treatments. Effective pest management is essential for protecting public health and safety, preserving the environment and preventing economic losses.

What is the price of our pest control service in Selangor and Klang Valley?

Our pest control services in Selangor and Klang Valley charge an affordable price of RM80 to RM350 per session, depending on the factors such as the type of pest, the severity of the infestation, and the size of the area to be treated. The minimum price for their pest control service is RM80. However, prices may vary depending on the specific provider and the services offered.

What is included in our pest control service in Selangor and Klang Valley?

Our pest control services in Selangor and Klang Valley would include a thorough inspection and identification of the pest problem, followed by the recommendation of an appropriate treatment plan. The treatment plan involves using chemical or non-chemical methods to eliminate pest infestation, as well as preventive measures to prevent future infestations. Some of our services also include follow-up visits to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment.

How long does our pest control Selangor and Klang Valley service take?

The duration of our pest control services may vary, depending on factors such as the severity of the pest problem, the size of the area to be treated, and the specific treatment used. Some of our pest control treatments can be done in one session, while others may require multiple visits. Generally, we will assess your situation and advise you of our estimated duration of service.

Why does my home or office in Selangor and Klang Valley need pest control?

Pest control is an essential service for homes and businesses in Selangor and Klang Valley. Pests such as rodents, cockroaches, termites and bed bugs can cause significant damage to property and pose a health risk to residents or employees. These pests can contaminate food, spread disease and damage buildings, leading to costly repairs and potential legal liability. Regular pest control helps prevent pest infestation and ensures that existing pest problems are addressed promptly and effectively. So if you want to protect your property and the people who live or work there, our pest control service is essential.

Our Pest Control Case Study in Selangor and Klang Valley

Case Study: Proven Strategies to Keep Mice and Rats Away in Selangor

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on rodent control! Dealing with mice and rats can be a frustrating and unsanitary challenge for homeowners and businesses alike, especially in Pest Control Selangor. These small creatures can wreak havoc on properties, contaminate food, and pose health risks. However, fear not! In this extensive blog, we will share effective strategies to keep these unwanted guests at bay, safeguarding your home or workplace in Selangor.

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