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Rodents’ problem should be treated immediately because they can cause significant damage to wiring and have even been known to chew through floor joists and walls. They can also cause damage to electrical cables and cause electrical hazards.

Rats/ Rodents Control

A successfully Rodent’ treatment should involve a 5 steps process:

  1. Prevention: Good physical condition of the building is crucial to prevent the rats enter into the building through gaps, crack and crevices.
  2. Good sanitation: Reduce the expose food, water and harborage site. 
  3. Inspection: A thorough inspection and identify the sign of infestation determines the treatment area as well as the application methods.
  4. Physical Control: We target the rodents’ runway and trap them when they are forage for food.
  5. Rodenticides: Rodents chose the food they prefer and accumulate the foods in their nest. Rodenticides able to reduce the rats’ population dramatically in very short period of time.
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Quarterly Pest Control

  • Initial comprehensive interior and exterior inspection and treatment.
  • Ongoing exterior treatments scheduled quarterly.
  • Guaranteed protection for as long as you keep your plan. If pests come back between treatments, so will we -- at no additional cost for you.

One-time Pest Control Service

  • One single pest control service includes a comprehensive interior and exterior inspection and treatment.
  • If pests come back within 30 days of your initial treatment, we’ll come back at no additional cost.
  • Perfect service to complete before listing your home to sell.
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