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Cockroaches are among the most irritated pest. This mainly because of them is known as serious disease pathogen carrier and causes phobia to human. Besides, cockroaches eat everything which consumable by human. The food bitten by cockroaches was thrown and human need to pay for the bill which cause by the damage.

Cockroaches can enter into your premise through man holes, drain holes, door/ window gaps and etc, seeking water and food substances in the kitchen pantry or storeroom areas. They make your house as their shelter and start building their colony especially in the crack and crevices.

Control Methods

A successfully cockroaches’ treatment should involve a 4 steps process:

  1. Prevention: This step involves inspection of the incoming items before you enter into your house or building. Good physical condition of the building is crucial to prevent the cockroaches enter into the building through holes, crack and crevices.
  2. Good sanitation: Reduce the expose food, water and harborage site. 
  3. Inspection and identification: A thorough inspection and species identification determines the treatment area as well as the application methods.
  4. Pesticides Application: The pesticides contain flushing agents. The cockroaches are stimulated by the pesticides and easily get kill by the chemical residuals.
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  • Initial comprehensive interior and exterior inspection and treatment.
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  • One single pest control service includes a comprehensive interior and exterior inspection and treatment.
  • If pests come back within 30 days of your initial treatment, we’ll come back at no additional cost.
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