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A pest is defined as any organism which is detrimental to a human or his activities in some way. Termites in the jungle are not defined as pests due to their contribution to plant health by recycling the woods and making the soil more porous. Termites in a house are considered pest since it causes damage to the property. Most of the insects or animals are considered as pest because they are disease carrier and cause certain degree of disruption to our daily activities. Nevertheless, some of the insects or animals recognized as pest just because it create fear towards human, e.g. rats.

Pesco specialist will access the pest infestation level of your properties and advice you on the control measurements. We ensure the customized programmed is base on your need and implemented in the most effective way.

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Pesco is the leading pest control services company in Malaysia and Singapore which focus on providing 3E(Effective, Efficient, Eco-friendly) pest management solutions to home and businesses at affordable prices. our service areas include pest control in Johor Bahru, pest control in Kuala Lumpur, pest control in Selangor and Klang Valley, pest control in Penang and so on. We build healthy surroundings and provide peace of mind for both people and company owners via preventive, innovative technology, and long-term solutions.

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