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Mosquito Fogging Service in Malaysia

mosquito fogging service in malaysia

The deadliest animal on the planet is the mosquito. They can transmit harmful infectious diseases, including dengue, malaria, filariasis and heartworm, with just one bite. They not only endanger the health of our loved ones, but they also disrupt our outdoor activities by leaving behind itchy unpleasant welts. Don't expose your family to the risks posed by ticks or mosquitoes. Contact Pesco for our pest control service in Malaysia, including mosquito fogging used for controlling insects! 100% fulfillment ensured!

The highly skilled experts at Pesco have 20 years of knowledge and protect families across the country against mosquitoes, ticks, and other pests. Up to 85–90% of the mosquito populations on your property will be eliminated by our mosquito barrier treatment. Our team is dedicated to helping safeguard homes and businesses in our service area against the hazards and annoyances of bloodsucking pests. Contact us immediately for a FREE QUOTE and INSPECTION to recover your house and business.

The mosquitoes are knocked down or killed using fogging techniques, the same insecticide found in most household spray cans on grocery store shelves. Using a piece of fogging equipment, water and insecticide are poured to produce disinfectant fog. Continue reading to find out more about mosquito fogging with Pesco.

Process of Mosquito Fogging

man studying insects by learning mosquito fogging

Fogging is a proper temporary remedy to prevent mosquito and biting pests from taking over a residential or commercial place. Our patented Pesco Fogging System works in three steps:

Step 1: Evaluation

One of our certified consultants will assess your home or business area to decide how to best control mosquitoes. To choose the best option for your needs, we consider the size of the land, adjacent water bodies, and use of the property. 

Step 2: Application

When you contact us to treat your home and commercial area, our pest control specialist uses mosquito fogging equipment to spray around your house or commercial place with an environmentally friendly mixture of tiny mist droplets. Our technicians concentrate on dense shrubs, bushes, ground cover plants, and thick foliage once they have finished the house or company surroundings.

Step 3: Prevention

The use of mosquito foggers offers a temporary but helpful solution. We spread repellent granules around the edge of your house and commercial area for additional coverage to stop the next wave of mosquitoes from attacking. Then, we search your property for standing water, which is generally located next to HVAC systems, birdbaths, flowerpots, and drains, as well as in low-lying lawn areas. To prevent the next generation of mosquitoes from infiltrating your property and becoming a nuisance, we treat these areas with a larvicide.

Mosquito Fogging Machine

It's usually a good idea to eliminate mosquitoes from your home and commercial area, mainly because they can spread harmful diseases. However, there are instances when you could have a more pressing need for a bug-free zone to play in or enjoy yourself. 

Use a mosquito fogger such as an electrostatic fogging device to spray your outdoor area if you're hosting a special occasion like a wedding or family reunion. Insect fogging devices are the ideal temporary solution to keep biting insects away because they use an environmentally benign chemical to create a mosquito-killing mist.

Pesticide liquid can be turned into a mist using mosquito foggers. Most foggers are either thermal or cold, and each has advantages and applications.

Thermal Foggers

These devices emit a mist of sizable droplets using propane or electricity. In some cases, a hot vapour may be used to carry the huge droplets that stay in the air long enough for killing insects like mosquitoes and effectively covering a sizable outdoor area. Ensure you have an extension wire long enough to reach the closest outlet if your model is electric.

Cold Foggers ULV (Ultra Low Volume)

In contrast to thermal mosquito fogging equipment, cold foggers employ air pressure to turn liquid insecticide into a fine mist of tiny particles—smaller spaces like a patio or screened porch suit this technique. Although you may wish to keep kids and dogs away from the treated area for at least 10 minutes to avoid irritation, you can also use a cold fogging machine indoors.

Chemical for Mosquito Fogging

Insecticides are released into the atmosphere using a mosquito fogger as part of the mosquito fogging method of mosquito control. 

The optimal time to perform mosquito fogging is in the evening when mosquitoes are most active for better control. Additionally, fogging is quite effective for killing adult mosquitoes because it does so instantly upon contact. Therefore, it is frequently more practical to attack them at the source. 

Mosquito control pesticides are used by mosquito foggers, whether thermal or electrical. In general, there are two categories of pesticides for mosquito control:

Residual Chemicals

Residual chemicals can linger for several days or even weeks. Due to their lingering effects and potential adverse effects on the environment's beneficial insects, they are typically unsuitable for outdoor use. Additionally, spraying residual chemicals around your home or business will act as a barrier, killing any mosquitoes that come into touch with them.

Non-Residual Chemicals

Non-residual chemicals are best used outdoors because they don't leave a trace. Non-residual chemicals also have substantially shorter half-lives than residual compounds. This indicates that, following application, their impact quickly diminishes, having far less of an effect on other creatures.

Pros of Mosquito Fogging

If your company or household area is situated near water or a forest, you could think mosquitoes at work or home are a necessary evil. Thankfully, that is not the case. Mosquito fogging is the solution that may be used to rid your workplace or house of mosquitoes and bring relief to you, your staff, clients, vendors and everyone in the area. But controlling mosquitoes involves more than just getting rid of a bother. Here are five more compelling advantages of why effective fogging will help your business:

Protect Everyone Against Mosquito-Borne Diseases 

Due to increased foreign travel, illnesses formerly uncommon in Malaysia are now standard, and mosquitoes primarily spread many. Arboviruses, a class of viruses, or small parasites, are two possible causes of these illnesses. 

According to World Health Organization (WHO), dengue, malaria, filariasis, heartworm and yellow fever are some of the most well-known arboviruses. They may result in severe consequences, death, and excruciating suffering. You may safeguard your loved ones, workers, clients, and suppliers by fogging your house and commercial area. There is no need to be concerned about side effects because no dangerous chemical disinfectants are used during the mosquito fogging process.

Increase Productivity 

When you can hear a mosquito buzzing close to your ear and feel itchy skin, it can be challenging to concentrate on vital duties. Your staff must move between jobs and take more time to finish duties necessary for the efficient operation of your company every time they pause to attend to a buzzing noise or a painful bite. According to studies, task switching can reduce productivity by as much as 40%. Your office is probably not an exception; most modern workplaces already have more than enough disturbances. At least one threat to your productivity can be easily prevented with mosquito fogging.

To Make the Home and Workplace Safe 

One aspect of workplace or home safety is ensuring that your loved ones or employees are healthy and safe from illnesses spread by mosquitoes. If your employees need to focus while engaging in potentially hazardous operations, interruptions brought on by mosquitoes may also result in harm or injury. Imagine spending all your energy ignoring a mosquito buzzing in your ear while running heavy machinery or performing precise work! All day long, you'll probably need help to do it. For this kind of labour, mosquito fogging will provide a much safer working atmosphere, and your staff will be able to move smoothly.

Improve Your Relationships 

Your company's relationships have the power to make or break it, and cultivating strong ones requires time and work. When clients and suppliers enter your workplace, you want them to remain there as long as necessary to negotiate business agreements, make crucial purchasing decisions, or get to know one another. Most individuals will only stay as long as needed in an area with numerous mosquitoes. Customers won't wait around for a good bargain while suppliers might; if they can buy from a company where they won't get bitten, that's precisely what they'll do. You can have lengthy, comfortable interactions if you treat your property to insects.

Show that You Care 

Investigating mosquito fogging for your home or business ensures the safety and comfort of your loved ones, employees, clients, and guests. You're not simply discussing compassion. You're demonstrating your concern for and importance to your community.

Cons of Mosquito Fogging

The main issue with fogging is that it cannot destroy eggs or larvae. Mosquitoes sitting or flying in the path of a fogging solution will perish. However, any eggs currently incubating will be unaffected, allowing the population to rebound quickly. 

Furthermore, mosquitoes concealed in vegetation or other resting places are not susceptible to fogging. Although fogging is considered harmless for humans and animals, many people may find the spray unpleasant because it is frequently thick and strongly scented.

Other Drawbacks to Fogging 

  • The effectiveness substantially decreases in the days following the initial spray, and several causes exist. The chemicals employed make the particles less durable than anticipated, and they tend to blow away with the wind. 
  • Fogging, which often uses EC or an oil-based pyrethrin formulation with added synergists, is not a long-term option for stopping mosquito breeding and is less effective or secure than a microencapsulated product. Like the ingredients we utilize for our misting solution. 
  • It frequently has an intense fragrance that is difficult to ignore. Whatever adjuvants are present to aid the compound fog, which often has a strong smell of burning mineral oil, are at your disposal.
  • A significant portion of the product is oil-based, potentially harming surfaces or having odd, unanticipated responses with objects around the house, particularly stained wood. Because the droplets in fogging are smaller than the particles in a mist, fog tends to move and drift farther than a mist. 
  • Due to the hot fog applied, pets may become more agitated by the fog.

FAQs of Mosquito Fogging

When should mosquito fogging be applied?

It would be best if you utilize a fogging schedule which is conducting mosquito fogging every two days during the first week to interrupt the mosquito breeding cycle. Mosquitoes and their eggs may be easily eliminated using this method.

Fogging may be reduced to once a week after that. Mosquitoes will be less noticeable in your neighbourhood because of weekly fogging, which prevents them from reproducing. It may wash the pesticide away if it begins to rain or the wind starts soon after fogging. If this happens, the treatment should be reapplied when the wind subsides, or the rain has stopped.

Is mosquito fogging safe?

Mosquito foggers are safe for children and animals, mainly if they include natural repellents. Most fast-acting pesticides used on farms are far more potent; therefore, foggers are safe. However, when spraying, ensure that your children and pets remain inside.

Otherwise, spending time outside is fine after the spraying is complete. The chemicals will not present a threat to children, pets, or people.

Can fogging kill Aedes mosquito?

Fogging is only able to reduce the adult Aedes mosquito population, it does not kill the Aedes mosquito larvae. Besides fogging, further actions such as larviciding need to be carried out in order to prevent the breeding of Aedes mosquito larvae.  

What is the price of mosquito fogging?

The cost of our mosquito fogging service depends on the size of the premises that needs to be treated. To get a free quotation, simply contact us and let us know the size of your premises.

What are other mosquito control methods besides mosquito fogging?

Other Mosquito Control Methods besides Mosquito Fogging are Larvaciding and Peri-Focus treatment. Larviciding is applied to potential mosquito breeding grounds (stagnant water) to prevent larvae from maturing into adult stages. At the same time, Peri-focus treatment is a chemical used by misting onto vegetation or wall surface to create a barrier between mosquito resting areas and inhabited areas providing long-term residual protection against adult mosquitoes.

What will be the implication if my premise is the only premise conducting mosquito control whereby my neighbouring buildings do not carry out any routine mosquito control programme?

Based on the nature of the mosquitoes, which can travel far distances and breed inside a puddle of water about the size and depth of a 20-cent coin, the premise conducted by the mosquitoes programme will still be subject to attack from the mosquitoes flying from the surrounding buildings.

Mosquitoes control shall be a joint effort by the whole community in a particular area. It was advisable to request the owner of the neighbouring buildings to conduct a routine mosquito control programme to eliminate the breeding ground and reduce the mosquito population in a particular compound.

Bottom Line

man fogging mosquito besides plastic sheets

Are you considering using mosquito fogging to eliminate mosquitoes surrounding your house or business area? Mosquito fogging significantly reduces the number of mosquitoes in your home and commercial surrounding open spaces and closed spaces. Let us take care of mosquito elimination with the best mosquito control solution. Call us now to receive a free quotation or to schedule a consultation.

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